Saturday, July 6, 2013

Denali and Seward


hi!! Today was our last day in Denali and we had a blast! Our group divided into 2 groups, and we went to find the bus that was used in the Into the Wild movie (to get the real bus is a 20 mile hike). We explored the bus and took pictures of and on it!! After we explored the bus, we drove out to this amazing and gorgeous field. It was one of the prettiest places ive ever been! We hiked out to a calm and serene lake in the middle of the permafrost field. The field was surrounded by clusters of Christmas trees and was full of Alaskan cotton flowers. We hiked to the lake and explored! The meadow was so peaceful and with the sun beaming down, it reminded me of the Elysian Fields! After our hike, we went to dinner. As we were driving back we saw  the sunlight hit the mountains perfectly creating magical shafts of light! It was stunning, and we just sat in the van to take it in.


Happy 4th!!!! Today we drove to Seward… the drive was about 6 hours. However, it was far from boring and it went by very fast! Justin and I analyzed the Great Gatsby among other things and the whole van jammed out to a wide arrangement of music. When we reached Seward we photographed a race that was going on. These insane people were running straight up a mountain and back down; they were bruised and bleeding; it was super intense! After the race, we wolfed down some Thai food, and then had gelato! After dinner, we drove down to the beach and played and ate cookies in celebration of independence day. It was super amazing!!!


Hello J today was especially crazy because we had a 9 hour hike in climbing up to, on, and down into a glacier! The glacier was gorgeous and it was freezing cold!! We hiked around it with our crampons and checked out the large crevices (mulans). We also got to rappel down into a crevice… it was insane!! After several hours it started to rain, and everything got drenched!! The glacier was very pretty and the hike was a once in a lifetime experience!! After we hiked, we quickly came back to the hostel and changed into our warm clothes for dinner. Because it is 1 a.m. now, I must go to bed!!!

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